Sunday, January 30, 2011

30/365 Football Banquet

Alex and his buddy Adrian share a laugh at the football banquet. We all had to find some humor at this FOUR HOUR event! I'm sure I'll look at things differently when Alex plays Varisty (maybe :0). Ahhhh...Texas football...

In the never ending photo quest, I gave up on maual mode at this event - too hard to catch the shot I wanted. =[


  1. Why is it that those athletic banquets take so darn long! Yay, Texas Football!

  2. I agree, sometimes you just have to shot in auto. When I have time to "play" around with getting the perfect shot, I'll go with manual. If it's something I wouldn't have a chance to get again (or I'm outside and just too darn cold) I go with auto.

    either way nice capture


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