Friday, February 4, 2011

35/365 Cold Feet

f5.6, ss1/125, ISO400, 130mm

James loves his Fallen shoes. Wait a minute ... Hey! James! Those are not for walking in the snow! I bet your toes are chilly!

Today is the fourth day of temperatures in the 20's AND the fourth "snow day" - unheard of in these parts!
I learned about histograms this week. I don't want to be obsessed about this, but what about shooting pics in the snow? My histograms are spiking on the right...big time.
Joy of Love 04: What They Wear
James, my first born, loves his Fallens!


  1. Melissa: I am far from being an expert in digital, altho I knew film cameras pretty well and always shot manually. Because the light meter takes an average of what it sees, snow throws off the exposure. To get a true reading of the light, meter right on someone's face only, and that f-stop will be your setting for the snow shots.

  2. That picture just makes my toes feel cold!
    On my blog you asked what Photoshop class that I had signed up for- here's the link:

  3. Yikes! I bet his feet are cold :O) Hope you guys are enjoying all your snow! As far as the histogram basically it just means you are losing the details in the bright areas (like the snow) In a photo like this I don't think it really matters. Honestly, I hardly ever look at my histogram and check more to make sure I don't have spots blown out on the skin or my subject. If the snow is blown out personally, it doesn't bother me :O) Thanks for linking up!! I love the contrast of his dark shoe in the snow! Looks cold!

  4. Jinx! (Because of us both doing feet pics on the same day.)


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