Sunday, February 6, 2011

37/365 Super Bowl

Alex loves football! He plays for his high school, loves the workouts, loves the game, loves the coaches, and loves the adrenalin rush. Today we went to our youth group's Super Bowl party. It seems that Alex now has a football either attached to his head, growing from it, or maybe it's a new hat! =] A good time was had by all. Thanks Barbara, for hosting the party! You rock!
Besides football, Alex loves me (of course, he-he), his dad, his brother, his grandparents, the rest of the fam, and his friends. Alex loves life!
Joy of Love 06: The ones they love
I gave up on manual mode at the party. The lighting was low and I couldn't get a good read on my light meter. I added a little saturation when I was editing...I'm still playing with spot metering and selective focal points. Fun!


  1. This is why I am enjoying the 365 project--it forces us to play with the camera. every. day. Now you just have to crank up the ISO! I really like your commentary--it made the picture come to life (and the football on his head!).


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