Thursday, February 10, 2011

41/365 Holy Space

f/4, ss1/100, ISO800, flash, 50mm
Joy of Love 10: Space - where they are comfortable

Bill is so comfortable as a minister (priest) in service to our Lord, Jesus Christ. He is an extremely gifted leader, preacher, and shepherd of the flocks that he has been called to serve. This shot, a statue of young Jesus, with his parents, Mary and Joseph, resides at the back of The Church of the Epiphany, where we currently serve. I love the halo above Jesus' head from the spotlight.


  1. It's very pretty with the light :-)

  2. I like the halo, too! Would love to see this without the flash--just the light from the halo. Crank up the ISO!

  3. I like the halo too! Great shot!


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