Friday, February 11, 2011

42/365 Talent

James is talented in many areas. He is a gifted musician, the natural talent of which I have never seen or heard before. He composes beautiful pieces at the piano. He also loves to cook and he creates the majority of his dishes. Tonight he made grilled tilapia with an onion and red & yellow pepper sauce, saffron rice, steamed broccoli, and blueberries! James dreams of making a living doing what he loves.

Joy of Love 11: Dreams

I was really trying to focus on James' creation but missed the mark. I took quite a few shots but we all wanted to eat, so I had to stop. =] However, I really like the focus being on his hands.
f/2.2, ss1/60, ISO1600, 50mm


  1. how fortunate you are to have a chef in the house, I like the focus on his hands, he used those to create this meal

  2. Melissa,

    This is such a great shot...beautiful composition! Great description, as well.

  3. How lucky you are to have a chef in the house. Interestingly, it's my pianist who also likes to cook. Maybe it's a creative thing. :)

  4. tee hee...that happens here all the time. I try to take pix of the food and everyone gets mad b/c they want to EAT.

    That dish looks really good!

  5. Blueberries? Hmm. Has James thought about a culinary academy? I can see that he would look quite handsome in a chef's uniform.

  6. Sounds Divine!! He'll make a great hubby one day!


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