Tuesday, February 22, 2011

53/365 Brothers

I just love these boys!

Joy of Love 22: Portrait

Photo: This shot was taken last summer (2010). I didn't take it, but I did do a little editing.


  1. They are so handsome! Now go take a new portrait of them yourself with your new skills. :)

    About my natural light, BSD is sitting IN the front doorway. I had to open the door and he's sitting in the threshold. Even there, I had to bump my ISO up to 1600! That's why there is light. And the post processing also helped give a lighter effect.

    LB is in the living room when the sun streams through the window. I have her RIGHT in the light and this time my ISO is at 2000.

    So...I feel like I have my hands tied behind my back trying to take indoor photos. I see people take GORGEOUS inside pix with ISO's of only about 400. That gives you so much more play with your shutter speed to get a nice crisp photo.


Let me know your thoughts and please feel free to critique my photos. This is my favorite part of blogging!

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