Friday, February 25, 2011

56/365 The Host

We celebrate communion every Sunday in the Episcopal Church, and Bill, who is a priest, consecrates the bread and the wine. You are looking at the bottom of the chalice, that holds the wine, and the paten, that holds the bread, with a priest host (bread) in the paten. After we, the congregation, say the Lord's Prayer, Bill breaks the consecrated bread. He breaks the host into four pieces and gives communion to himself and the other clergy before the congregation. For as long as I can remember, Bill has saved a quarter of the priest's host to give to me when I kneel at the altar; the congregation receives a smaller disc nof unleavened bread. I'm pretty sure there is no theological basis to this gesture, but I feel so special and loved, and, that each week he is affirming our love for each other, our marriage vows, and that we are one in Christ.

Joy of Love 25: When I love them the most

Photo: f/2.2, 1/125s, ISO 200


  1. I've got goosebumps!! What a wonderful husband and Priest you are married to Melissa. How special for you two to share that powerful symbol of Christ's sacrifice or us each week!!

  2. such a sweet gesture, so very touching


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