Saturday, February 26, 2011

57/365 Buds

Bill and Tony have been the best of friends for 26 + years! This shot was taken on New Year's Eve 2010, with my iPhone. Tony, Kathy, Bill, and I met at Gruene Hall to listen to one of our favorite bands, The Belleville Outfit. Tony & Kathy introduced us to this band's music a while back and we have been hooked ever since!

Joy of Love 26: The bromance

I had not heard the term "bromance" before today's prompt and I had to ask around for the definition. There seems to be quite a few ideas as to what the term means, but my favorite explanation was, "girls use the term 'girlfriends' to describe their female friends, but guys don't use 'boyfriends' to describe their male friends, so it's just an attempt to provide guys with a word." Hmmm...'buddies' works for me...just sayin'.


  1. Love this photo. I had such a wonderful time that day, as always when we are with you and Bill. On a sad note, The Belleville Outfit is breaking up.

  2. I like "buddies" too! Great shot! That's amazing how long they've been friends.

  3. old friends are the best friends

  4. Great shot! I agree... "buddies" seems to work just fine!


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