Monday, March 14, 2011

73/365 Morning Walk

The condo we rented is just a short walk from the beach! Today was cloudy and rainy in the afternoon, but we were still able to play in the sand and explore the island.

Many man-o-war and jelly fish were on the beach this morning, but the tide took them back out. This one is gorgeous, despite his pain rendering tendrils!


  1. Uh oh, now you've got me ready for the beach. Hope you had a good time.

  2. wow, that last picture looks beautifully scary. We are working very hard to pay our home off in 5 years. Our celebration party when we do it is to go to the beach.

  3. Gorgeous... and deadly! Great capture! We'll have to get to a beach soon... =)

  4. I just love board walk shots they make for such a good prop. And wow that jelly fish!!

  5. How close did you get to the jelly fish? It is "beautifully scary"!


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