Friday, May 13, 2011

133/365 Special concert

My dear friend, Judy, called me about two months ago, and told me she was going to give a concert in Portland, Oregon on May 13th, and asked me if I would consider singing some Gershwin and Cole Porter as part of the program. I agreed. Judy and I performed together often when I was living in Salem; she is an amazing pianist! In this shot, she is playing a Chopin Waltz. The concert was held at "Old Church" in downtown Portland. The church is a gorgeous example of the "carpentry Gothic" style and was one of the first churches in Portland. Old Church is now used exclusively for the performing arts and weddings and receptions. The concert was wonderful; it was great to sing with Judy again!

Photo: I was surprised to see the reflection of the lights. How do I avoid this in the future? Is it a bad thing? I was not using a flash.

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