Saturday, May 21, 2011

141/365 Peter

Here he is, Peter Cottontail, just waiting until we leave. Remember the shot of the pepper on Tuesday? He ate a 1 inch hole in it! Yes we've had trouble with this "pesky wabbit" before. We put out more dog hair and hopefully the fox urine sticks I ordered will come soon!


  1. He is too cute! You could plant him his own garden like they did in the the book rabbit hill.

  2. Oh no!!! We don't have a rabbit issue, but I have been seeing little holes in our garden dirt. I'm thinking it's squirrels though. What is the dog hair supposed to do?

  3. I don't know if dog hair works to keep squirrels away, but it definitely works for bunnies. If you put the dog hair around each plant the bunnies (and hopefully squirrels) will stay away from the plants, thinking there is danger. Same thing with the fox urine.

  4. his name might be trouble but he is cute


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