Saturday, December 3, 2011

337/365 A Dignitary and a Mean Green Fan

Today Bill rode as a dignitary in the 40th Annual Richardson Christmas Parade! We are enjoying life in a small town in the midst of the Metroplex. The Mustang Club was out in force to carry the dignitaries, and Bill loved it (the Mustang and being a dignitary, a new role for him). NETWORK Community of Ministries is a city-wide outreach center that provides food, clothing, school supplies, etc. to those who are in need. 

Bill sees me in the crowd!

Back in dignitary mode!

Then, we spent the afternoon and evening with Amy and Scott, at the last UNT game of the season! Rain was pouring down and the Mean Green was pouring points across the goal line, as we watched from under the overhang of the top layer of the stadium. Thanks A & S, we had a great time! Sorry you have to look up my nose... =]

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