Friday, July 20, 2012

202/366 An Incredibly Thrilling Day! ~ Day 3, Part 1

This was the one of the most thrilling days that I can remember of late!!!
Please bear with me as I take you through our third day of cruising.

A beautiful sunrise greeted us as we walked out this morning!

There were just a few of us on the Lower Promenade Deck at 6 a.m.

After breakfast, Deb and I both had spa pedicures.
We'd like to have pedis with a view ALL the time! Just sayin' ...

Cruising into Juneau Bay ...

... escorted by the US Coast Guard. My brother-in-law, Mike Scott, captured this one!
Look at that gun!

Bill, enjoying the docking process.

Our photo safari shore excursion here in Juneau was fantastic!
We began on a small boat with large windows that open to observe the sea life.
Here, we are leaving the dock.

OH. MY. GOSH. Humpback Whales were everywhere!
There were at least three pods, of five to ten whales in each one.
The first thing I was able to capture :o) was this breaching whale! How do they do that?

Whale tails are awesome!
First you see their hump backs as they dive underwater, followed by those beautiful tails.

We were able to see Bubble-net Feeding over and over again. A pod of whales dives down into the water, and one whale swims circles around the other whales, making a net of bubbles, ensnaring the herring. Then, all at once, all of the whales shoot out of the water with their mouths open, and they swallow their fish! Our photographer/guide said that, of all the time he has been in Alaska, he has never seen the whales bubble-net feed like this day!
It was thrilling and suspenseful because you did not know when the whales were coming up.
We watched the birds, because they start gathering when the herring are pushed toward the surface of the water.

We were close to the whales in this shot, another great one by Mike Scott! But...
look how close they are to another boat in the photo below!

These Stellar's Sea Lions were so cute laying on this buoy!
I love the one at the top with his head hanging over!

And the day is not over... Day 3, Part 2 is next!

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  1. Lovely. The sea lions make me want to join them in a nap.


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