Friday, July 20, 2012

202/366 An Incredibly Thrilling Day! Day 3, Part 2

After that thrilling Gastineau Channel excursion, we went hiking!

The wildflowers were beautiful! This is Pacific Buttercup.

Waterfalls are abundant because of the melting of the snow and glaciers.

Deb takes a moment to contemplate the beauty of God's creation...

The Mendenhall Glacier

Pieces that have calved from the glacier, in sparkling water.

After our excursion, we decided to walk around Juneau a bit.
This metal art is on the side of the Juneau Public Library building.


We took the tramway to the top of Mt. Roberts for some spectacular views.

Gastineau Channel, looking south.

The channel, from the tram, looking northwest, at low tide.

Our ship, from the tram.
We were so tired when we got back to the ship, AND we missed our seated dinner!
That won't happen again!

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