Sunday, July 22, 2012

204/366 Glacier Bay ~ Day 5

 The clouds were hanging very low as we entered Glacier Bay National Park this morning,
but they gave way to beautiful sunshine as the day progressed.

The ice in the water becomes thicker as we travel north, into the park.
The National Park Service allows only two ships per day (one at a time), into Glacier Bay,
to help preserve the ecosystem and allow visitors to fully experience the majesty that is before them.

Two park rangers and a member of the Hoonah Tlingit tribe boarded the ship early this morning.
We learned so much from them!

The weather was chilly in the park; I think we each had two blankets, a coat, gloves, and a hat!
The crew served Coffee with "Spirits" and Dutch Pea Soup to help keep us warm.

When Captain George Vancouver passed this way in 1794 there was no Glacier Bay, only ice;
but, by the time John Muir saw it in 1879, the ice had retreated 30 miles, and there was a beautiful bay.
The Margerie Glacier, pictured above and in the next five shots, is at the northern tip of Glacier Bay, close to the Canadian Border.

Here we are are a bit closer... see that boat to the right?

This is the same boat! The glaciers are huge!

I love perspective shots. Again, here we see canoes close to the glacier...

Look how tiny they are!

Glaciers act as filters that absorb red light, casting that gorgeous blue color!

This, too, is a glacier. The Grand Pacific Glacier is believed to have formed most of Glacier Bay,
so it must have been huge many moons ago. As it melts, a glacier collects sediment as it approaches ground/sea level, which accounts for its "dirty" look.

These gulls and puffins have found a warm spot in the ships wake.

Look at all the shades of blue. Stunning!

The Crow's Nest felt so cozy after being in the cold temperatures most of the day, and has 270 degree panoramic views! 

Happy Hour!
My drink was a blue version of a Lemon Drop and oh, so good! Bill enjoyed an Alaskan Amber Ale.

A nice way to end day five...


  1. Ann Addison FreniereAugust 31, 2012 at 11:40 AM

    Melissa, I am so jealous of the beauty that you and Bill had on this trip. It's on my list of where I'd like to visit. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos!

    1. You are welcome, Ann. I enjoy going through the photos to tell the story of our trip.


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