Monday, September 10, 2012

254/366 Run, Don't Walk, to See this Exhibit!

Since May, the Chihuly Exhibit has been at the Dallas Arboretum. YOU. MUST. SEE. THIS. EXHIBIT. before it ends November 5th! I saw an indoor exhibit in Salem in the early 90's, so I was looking forward to seeing his work here. Oh my goodness, the exhibit is gorgeous outdoors amid the flora and fauna! Bill and I are going back on October 1, for "Chihuly Nights" when many of the pieces are lit. I can hardly wait!

Blue Marlins and Turquoise Reeds

Mirrored Hornets

Yellow Icicle Tower

Reeds with the Scarlet and Yellow Asymmetrical Towers in the background

Persian Pond


  1. Melissa
    Amy and I saw a lot of this glass stuff at the Botanical Gardens in Pittsburgh a couple years ago. It was beautiful.
    I love Trader Joe's ... too bad they cant sell wine in PA. :-(
    But, we drive to Total Wine in Delaware. Max's favorite place to shop.
    All are well. Alice as just in Portugal ... took some incredible pictures.
    Church is the pits ... but the music keeps me going.
    Love to all ... David

  2. Hey David, good to hear from you! Yes, the "glass stuff"
    is beautiful. I was amazed to learn how they put the exhibit together - quite a production. We are doing well. James moved into his own apartment this summer and Alex is a senior! Time flies! I'm subbing at an Episcopal school this year and I am really enjoying the kids (3rd-12th). Bill is busy and looking forward to a well deserved sabbatical next summer.
    Love to you and yours! mc


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