Tuesday, November 13, 2012

318/366 Preserve

Today, James introduced Bill and I to the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, about 30 minutes from our home.
'This preserve is a 200-acre park featuring vast areas of natural beauty for walking, jogging, hiking,
off-road biking, orienteering, and other outdoor activity.' -- adapted from the website

My attempt at catching a starburst in Bill's hand. I wish I had seen the cell towers in the distance... :o(

Who says there's no fall in Texas? Lot's of yellows, oranges, and the occasional bright red!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

316/366 Barefootin'

Alex played two hymn variations as the prelude in church this morning, AND I must say, he played beautifully! I was bummed that the shot was soft, but that happens...
You gotta love the shoe rock stop, right?

Monday, November 5, 2012

310/366 Dallas Heritage Village

My first meeting as a member of the Dallas Heritage Village Guild was this morning and it was held at Heritage Village. The Guild helps to raise funds for the Village to use for upkeep, maintenance, and to acquire artifacts. After a fairly short business meeting, our hosts took us on a tour of the new (1904) hotel that had been moved from Carrollton, TX), the recently acquired doctor's office (1890) in a Victorian home that was originally in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas, and the warehouse.

Here is a blurb from the website:
"Dallas Heritage Village is home to the largest and finest collection of 19th century pioneer and Victorian homes and commercial buildings in Texas. These buildings, moved from throughout North Central Texas to Dallas’ first city park, line the tree-shaded 20-acre setting of Dallas Heritage Village. Stroll the grounds and discover what life was like over 100 years ago for ordinary Texans."

Y'all come!

 Two sisters owned and ran the small hotel. Here, a sewing machine, in the sisters' bedroom.

 The doctor's office, complete with the skeleton of an unknown 17 year old girl. Hmmm...

In the warehouse.

Since we were so close to the Dallas Farmer's Market, I and my three gf's, Carol, Olivia, and Bonnie, decided to drop in to see what wonderful
fruits and vegetables we could find. We finished our "Guild Day" with lunch at the downtown El Fenix. Muy sabroso!
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