Tuesday, December 25, 2012

360/366 Christmas Day

We have now lived in a hotel for four weeks while our home is being repaired
following a hot water leak. We have a lovely two bedroom suite
and below is our petite Christmas tree, but it's just not home, if you know what I mean.
Even though we feel displaced, we are having a wonderful Christmas season
and we are so thankful for family, friends, health, pets, and life as a whole!

James was very excited to host Christmas morning at his place, and he and Sam did a great job.
James makes a great egg nog! Their apartment is wonderfully decorated
and very festive for the season. It was so cozy as the rain and sleet storm raged outside!

Oh, those brothers... Money is always good...

Bill's parents, Ruth & Vince, are getting settled into their new retirement community
and we are very happy that they are close by now. They joined us this morning at James'
before they headed back for a special Christmas Brunch.
L to R: James, Sam, Alex, Ruth, Vince, & Bill
(I'm pretty sure that I have problems with my auto focus on my camera.
I'm going to take it in to have it checked and cleaned. About time, right?)


 We had a nice meal at one of our favorite restaurants (thank goodness they were open)
where this little elf enjoyed his new electronic gadget!

While we were eating, snow began to fall - a White Christmas. I believe it is my first...
We went by the house to drip the pipes and put our kitty in the house,
where I snapped this shot of our back yard.  A wonderful day! Stay warm everyone!
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