Friday, June 14, 2013

Copán Ruinas - Day 2

Today we spent the morning walking about in the town and enjoyed iced coffee at Café San Rafael. 

Friday is market day...

Young children from a poverty stricken village close by, sell cornhusk dolls in town every day. We couldn't resist!

We bought some licha from these women- a very tasty fruit!

Alex's first impression.

 A view of the town square and la iglesia.

Inside the church is a striking statue of Christ...

Bill and Alex light a candle for Bill's dad and mom, Vince and Ruth.

We also went by the Ixbalanque Language School where I captured this shot of Victoria, daughter of Katy, who runs the school. ¡Ella es muy bonita!

The blue hour, from atop the hill where the Alvarados live.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Copán Ruinas

Today we fly to Siquatepeque, Honduras and then travel by bus to Copán Ruinas, to begin 16 days studying Español at Ixbalanque Language School.

When we arrive the first order of business is lunch at Baleadas Express! When we arrived in Copán around 7 pm, our family, the Alvarados, were so happy to see us, especially Bill, who has stayed with them twice before.

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