Friday, June 14, 2013

Copán Ruinas - Day 2

Today we spent the morning walking about in the town and enjoyed iced coffee at Café San Rafael. 

Friday is market day...

Young children from a poverty stricken village close by, sell cornhusk dolls in town every day. We couldn't resist!

We bought some licha from these women- a very tasty fruit!

Alex's first impression.

 A view of the town square and la iglesia.

Inside the church is a striking statue of Christ...

Bill and Alex light a candle for Bill's dad and mom, Vince and Ruth.

We also went by the Ixbalanque Language School where I captured this shot of Victoria, daughter of Katy, who runs the school. ¡Ella es muy bonita!

The blue hour, from atop the hill where the Alvarados live.

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